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Thanks for your interest in Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home’s new virtual workshops!

These workshops are suitable for children of all ages. While designed with schools in mind, they work equally well in any other setting, such as a rainy day activity at home.

In each of our workshops, a short video from our Education Officer introduces a question or activity, which children can then complete by themselves or with others. There’s lots of flexibility in how each activity can be completed, and you can choose whether or not to guide this.

We have three workshops available now. While they do share similar elements, each explores their own topic. Learn more below or use the buttons to jump to each section.

Bowl or Bin

Bowl or Bin is our longest-running and most popular workshop.

This workshop begins by exploring the needs of pets, and then challenges participants to discover which human foods are safe for a dog or cat - some are obvious, while others may surprise even you!

Bowl or Bin Example 1
Bowl or Bin Example 2
Bowl or Bin Example 3

Tell Your Tail

Our Tell Your Tail workshop centres around our storywriting competition of the same name.

This workshop begins by exploring the needs of pets, and then explains the term enrichment. As an example of enrichment, children are tasked with writing a short story on any topic of their choosing they they think might help a dog or cat to relax.

Tell Your Tail Example 1
Tell Your Tail Example 2
Tell Your Tail Example 3

Hamish and Heather

Hamish & Heather is a fun workshop with a powerful message, where children are encouraged to put themselves in the place of a dog or cat to try to understand their feelings.

This workshop begins by exploring the needs of pets and why kindness to animals is so important. Afterwards, four short videos show Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home’s mascots in different situations, which children are then asked to reflect on and explore how they might feel if they were placed in a similar situation.

Hamish & Heather Example 1
Hamish & Heather Example 2
Hamish & Heather Example 3

Hamish and Heather

Stress Busters is a new workshop that explores the complex topic of canine stress in a fun and engaging way.

This workshop begins by discussing some of the reasons a dog might feel stress. Then, with the help of our mascot Hamish, we share signs and symptoms to watch for, before discussing some of the ways we might help a dog to overcome these feelings.

Stress Busters sits alongside our educational campaign on separation anxiety, which we fear is becoming a common problem for dog owners to face. Learn more here.

Hamish & Heather Example 1
Hamish & Heather Example 2
Hamish & Heather Example 3


Q: Who are these workshops for?
Our virtual workshops are designed with primary school students from P3-P7 in mind.

Q: How do I use these workshops?
These workshops can be used by an individual, a group, or an entire class. A short video from our education team introduces a question or activity, which the student(s) can then complete alone or in groups. Supervision, prompts and guidance are recommended, but not essential.

Q: How are the workshops different?
At present, all three workshops follow the same outline - covering off the needs of dogs and cats, a specific topic (outlined in the earlier sections), and end by sharing more about Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. We expect most individuals/groups will only take part in one - but if there’s enough demand, we’ll further personalise these three workshops and introduce others.

Q: Is there a fee to use these workshops?
All of our virtual workshops are available for use at no charge. However, it does cost us to provide them, so if you find them valuable we would be love for you to consider making a donation to help us continue caring for Edinburgh’s lost, abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats.

Q: I have an idea for a future workshop.
Excellent! Contact our education team via the form below and let us know.

Q: I’d prefer an in-person visit, how do I arrange this?
That’s terrific, so would we! These workshops are intended as a substitute for our regular, in-person workshops during the COVID-19 pandemic. To arrange an in-person visit from our education team, or to learn more, use the form below to get in contact.

For any other questions, please contact our education team using the form below.

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